CPNI and Red Flags Rule (RFR) Training FAQs

Do I have to take the courses together?
No, the CPNI and RFR are two (2) separate courses that can be taken together for a discount. Or, you can choose one of the other.

Where do I take the courses?
Courses are built on Pivot’s Learning Management Software Platform (LMS), which is the same we use for our 6-Week Professional Development Program

How long is each course?
CPNI takes 45 minutes and RFR is approximately 35 minutes long.

Does Pivot provide documentation for auditing purposes?
Yes! We will provide certificates of completion once employees complete 99% of the course. If you are viewing the courses in a group setting, we will provide your designated compliance officer with certificates to fill out.

How do I ensure my employees complete the course and learn what they need to?
Pivot provides a 10-question test with each course and the system tracks completion, requiring viewing of 99% of the content. You can designate one person to view completions, percentage completed, and scores for all employees.

I see this is a flat rate but can I have employees take the course individually?

Yes! You have a choice between individual seats (most popular option) or a group option that includes one login so you can deliver Pivot’s CPNI and Red Flags Rule training to your team or large group (this option is popular for those wishing to discuss and reinforce the training as a team). The fee is the same for either situation. See the descriptions of registration types to pick the scenario that fits your company best.

How long do we have access to the courses?
We recommend that you assign each employee a short window to complete the courses before the March 1 deadline. You will have access to one seat throughout the remainder of the year so that as you hire new employees, you can put them through the training.

Can I choose a specific date for my employees to be enrolled in the program?
Yes! Once we get your order, we send you a next steps email asking you to confirm what date you’d like everyone to start.

Are these courses geared toward customer service or for all employees?
We designed these with all types of employees in mind so it is perfect for your whole company.