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Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) and Red Flags Rule Compliance Training doesn’t need to be a painful experience.

Educate and empower your team with Pivot’s annual CPNI and Red Flag Compliance Training delivered on our unique, online learning platform that will help you thoroughly and efficiently meet your regulatory requirements.

Two separate classes allow you to get exactly the right amount of training.


The FCC sets rules for precisely how carriers may access, use, or disclose CPNI. All telecommunication employees with access to consumer data are required to be trained on CPNI at the time of hire and then annually, not later than March first, thereafter on the proper handling of personal network information. This course is intended to help telecommunications companies meet this training mandate.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Common terms and definitions
  • Restricted CPNI
  • FCC Enforcement
  • Acceptable CPNI
  • Opt In/Opt Out
  • CPNI Compliance
  • Changes over past year (if applicable)

Pivot’s CPNI training pertains to Federal legislation that is overseen by the FCC. Certain states have started passing their own legislation regarding consumer protection at the state level. If you’re unsure whether your state has adopted their own legislation, please check with your company compliance officer or legal counsel.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) established the Red Flags Rule to help businesses identify and prevent identity theft. Telecommunication providers are among the many businesses that must comply with the rules by maintaining an identity theft program and providing annual training to their employees. It’s important that employees understand and do their part to protect customers’ data. They must also be able to recognize and react to the red flags of identity theft.

Pivot’s Red Flags Rule training includes these topics:

  • Suitable responses to detected red flags
  • Possible red flags identified by the FTC
  • Personal requirements for employees’
  • Requirements and responses to prevent fraud and limit damages
  • The role of your board of directors

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Employees EnrolledCPNIRFRBoth Courses
49 employees or less$990$660$1,430
50- 75 employees$1,320$990$2,090
76+ employees$1,650$1,320$2,750


Each participant will access their individual password-protected dashboard and complete training on their own. They are required to complete 98% of the training and achieve a score of 85% or higher on the quiz to receive a Certificate of Completion that includes their name and date of completion. Learners may download course completion certificates from the learning management system to provide to their compliance officer for their records.

*Your entire company will have access for the month you choose and then you may enroll new employees throughout the same calendar year for no additional cost.

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