Customer Experience and Sales Training

Where do you want to go?
And how Pivot can help you get there.

Pivot has created an ongoing training program that keeps the overall customer experience as well as specific sales development at the forefront of your staff’s daily routine. The purpose of the training is to provide consistent interaction with your teams to let them know that you are serious about improving the customer experience and making sure your customers are truly getting the services they need.

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Email Tips

Pivot sends emails to your team periodically, intended to give quick touches on relevant topics. These include inspirational customer service stories, technology updates, customer service mistakes, and specific sales topics like cross selling and upselling.

icon-laptopLive Monthly Webinars

Ongoing 30 to 45 minute webinars are designed to keep a consistent focus on growing your staff’s engagement in the sales process while reinforcing the need to improve the overall customer experience. Topics include product specific updates, sales related material, retention improvement and customer care.


Why should you care about the customer experience?

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Because average isn’t good enough.

When everything goes the way it’s supposed to, why do we think that’s fantastic? After all, it’s only what was expected. Our companies need more than a “meets expectations” culture.


Because memorable experiences influence buying behavior.

Think of the brands people pay more for, not because the product is necessarily better but because the experience is superior in almost every way. How can your company be one of those brands?


Because it doesn’t have to cost much or take much time.

Encouraging employees to have their radar on and antennae up is sometimes enough to recognize when a small gesture at the right time will make a large impact on a customer.


Because it’s the right thing to do.

Call it the Golden Rule if you want—for too long we’ve treated the network as our most valuable asset, but it’s really the relationships with our customers. When you focus on the treating the customer with sincere and genuine interest and helping them understand their choices, good things will always happen. For them and for us.


Because it engages your team.

Let’s face it, your team does pretty much the same thing day after day. When you encourage a different type of interaction with customers, staff engagement improves. An engaged team is a healthier team.

Yes, I want to provide the best customer experience possible. Let’s chat.